Monday, June 11, 2007

Something about that act really scares them

There's a really bizarre case that's been unfolding in Georgia over the last few years. A guy was sent to jail for 10 years (he's been in two years already) for having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17, and they - again consensually - taped it.

Basically, if you think about it, a high school senior and sophomore hooked up and the guy, Genarlow Wilson, got jailed for a decade.

The guy jailed is black, of course. In Georgia. Go figure.

A judge finally had enough today and ordered Wilson (who's now 21) to be released. The state quickly appealed so he remains in jail.

Not to go off on Scooter Libby again, but the right-wing conservative mentality is just puzzling. Outing the covert identity of a CIA agent to punish her husband who criticized the war - no biggie. Getting a bobjob from a girl - hey, 10 years in the clink!

And, of course, as noted many times, the Republicans also impeached Bill Clinton for his little oral adventures with Monica.

What is it about that act that terrifies them so much?

And, on a purely poetic note, the lawyer for Wilson is named B.J. Bernstein. You couldn't make that up.


Anonymous said...

haha its because they usually cant get one so they get mad at Clinton and others who can.

Anonymous said...

The thing they hate - I love! lol

Anonymous said...

You have to understand, if it's not a vanilla missionary position, the conservatives think it's deviant.

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