Sunday, June 03, 2007

Law & Order & Boobs

"Thompson Makes Strong Pitch to Conservative Republicans"

Hmm, I get the feeling that's not the only thing he pitches.

But I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why the right-wingers in the Republican party are suddenly focusing on Fred Thompson as their Great White Hope for 2008 (granted, there is no other color of hope in the GOP).

But seriously, what exactly has this guy done?

He was an undistinguished Senator for a few terms. He didn't champion any great legislative policy or have any real accomplishments. He's been, at best, a plodding actor in a few TV shows and movies. And he was a multi-million dollar lawyer and lobbyist in between.

And this is the guy the Republicans are looking to for salvation?

Of course, it shows how desperate they feel about the current crop of candidates running for their party's nomination - but Fred Thompson?

By the way, the picture is of Fred escorting his daughter to her senior prom. Oh, wait, no, my bad - that's Fred with his newest wife, Jeri, a purty young chippy.

She's only his second wife.

That practically makes him a holy man in the Family Values party.


Anonymous said...

lol can you imagine HER as First Lady?

Anonymous said...

He was ok in "Hunt for Red October" but he ruined Law & Order. How would that southern character suddenly become the DA of Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

Is he any worse than the other Republicans running? I really don't know anything about his policies.

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