Friday, June 29, 2007

Bread and circuses

When people complain about the dreck on television, they should also consider this:

Larry King tripled his audience by lobbing softball questions at a vacant-looking Paris Hilton in her first TV chat since her release from jail early Tuesday...Hilton's Wednesday night chat on "Larry King Live"-- her first since being sent to the slammer for about 23 days with only bologna sandwiches and a Bible to comfort her -- clocked about 3.2 million viewers.

There's a reason the networks air crap shows. They get ratings.

The American public will tune in in droves to watch a Paris Hilton interview or "Dancing With the Stars."

Sure, perhaps the nets could be a little more high-minded in their programming. But they won't be, not as long as the public rewards them by watching some of the garbage they serve up.


B said...

Hey, thanks for the tip on the contest Henry Rollins is doing, I will definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

I watched like the first 10 minutes just to see what she was going to look like and then couldn't take it any more! I can't believe anyone listed to it for the whole show!!!

Obob said...

I didn't watch it out of intellectual survival. Most of my brain cells were depleted during the mid 80s and 90s. I need a few left to remember to chew on my food.

Justin L. Brown said...

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