Monday, May 07, 2007

The guy from "Big Love" talks

"Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) did not discuss his Mormon faith as he continued his outreach Saturday to conservative Christians in a graduation speech at Regent University, the school founded by televangelist Pat Robertson.


"There is no work more important to America's future than the work that is done within the four walls of the American home," Romney said. He also criticized people who choose not to get married because they enjoy the single life.
- Washington Post


Fortunately, this flip-flopping, pandering weasel has no chance of actually getting elected, or even nominated for that matter, since the Christian nuts who control the GOP are not going to vote for a Mormon - but now I really loathe him anyway. What a smarmy thing for a presidential candidate to say.

And what's with these married folks on the right-wing who feel the need to lash out at single people? Apparently, it is a crime how did Romney put it again? Oh yeah - ENJOY ourselves!

I mean, seriously, do we all have to live in their suffocating prisons? *

*(Hah, just kidding, of course, to all my happily married readers ensconced in a loving relationship and who see nothing at all unnatural about being with The. Same. Person. For. The. Rest. Of. Their. Lives. Until. The. Day. They. Die. Never. To. Enjoy. The. Fruits. Of. A. New. Exciting. Romp. Ever. Again. Ever. Or. Decide. On. Say. A. Thursday. To. Take. A. Spontaneous. Weekend. At. The. Cape. But. Instead. Get. To. Experience. Saturday. Trips. To. Crate&Barrel. To. Browse. The. Kitchen. Utensils. Department.)

Good times.


Anonymous said...

No we just want you to enjoy our joy and bliss! :)

Not a hipster said...

Single life was fun, and so is married life*. I'm glad I don't think you have to be married to be happy, though. I've never understood that train of thought. Marriage isn't for everyone.

*Married life isn't about browsing the utensils department at Crate & Barrel. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you actually would like marriage! (With the right person of course).

Anonymous said...

Candida, no he wouldn't. He's too set in his ways and very stubborn! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't most marriages end in divorce? What is Mitt Romney bragging about.

J said...

Not a Hipster, I have nothing against marriage per se, I know it isn't all Crate & Barrel. Sometimes it's Home Depot and Linens n' Things! :) Seriously, I may indeed like marriage one day, Candida, but haven't found the one yet. But my point on this post was about how a candidate for one of the major political parties feels quite comfortable insulting a big chunk of the population by denigrating being single. And how his party - which, remember, is the one supposedly dedictaed to keeping the government out of your private life - even has a goddman position about being married or single in the first place. Of course, as the GOP showed during the Terry Schiavo case, or on the choice issue, for that matter, their so-called philosophy is nothing but bullshit.

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