Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank you, George Bush

The economy nearly stalled in the first quarter with growth slowing to a pace of just 0.6 percent. That was the worst three-month showing in over four years.

The new reading on the gross domestic product, released by the Commerce Department Thursday, showed that economic growth in the January-through-March quarter was much weaker. Government statisticians slashed by more than half their first estimate of a 1.3 percent growth rate for the quarter.
- AP

Not only has George W. Bush managed to damage this country's standing in the world, made us more vulnerable to terrorism, let a great American city drown, and (as Colin Powell said) caused the military to be "broken," exhausted and stretched thin in Iraq, he's ruined the fabulously strong economy he inherited from Bill Clinton.

I seriously think he's some sort of Manchurian candidate, put in office by one of our enemies to deliberately ruin this country. No one could fuck up so much so easily without trying.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe thats why he can't speak so well. The brainwashing has made his language center all loopy! lol

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