Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Start making your Labor Day Weekend plans

I spent the weekend on Long Island, did a little wine country tour on Saturday afternoon, went to a great pool party Saturday night and had some beach time on Sunday. Why does a three-day weekend seem to go by faster than a normal one?

Note to self: I must switch to a sun block with a higher SPF. I'm not really a beach person, but was convinced to spend a few hours out there in the blazing sand on Sunday. I lathered on 30 SPF block, and, with my sun paranoia, I'm freaking out now as I see a twinge of red. I may have to switch to a 60 block if they even make such a thing.

(Oh and people, please, please, please don't bring your crying babies to the beach. It's too hot for them, and they really don't like it. Dogs barking at the ocean are less annoying. Just continue bringing them to restaurants and on trains as usual. Thank you.)

If you run out of hot dog buns, do not make a lobster roll using a cinnamon bagel. Strangely enough, it doesn't work.

No matter what time period anyone tells you it's going to take to travel to or within the Hamptons, double it and add 45 minutes.

And why do people from the city spend all that time to travel out there, and then happily stand in line to get into the trendy restaurants or bars? There's an easier way to do that – it's called staying in Manhattan you freakazoids.

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Anonymous said...

haha you should know by now it's the same nitwits in the Hamptons as the Meatpacking District!

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