Thursday, May 17, 2007

Memories, like the corners of my mind...

Wow, I'm getting nostalgic today. Since I had to get up so damn early, I figured I might as well start the Spring cleaning project that I've been meaning to do since last Spring. I have crap sitting in boxes in my closets that have been there since I moved into this apartment.

I found a bag of old cell phones I've had over the years. Some of them look like bricks compared to the lovely Moto Q.

Then I found some pix from a trip I took to Asia - China, Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong - with my ex. Here's a discrete pic of her. She is literally wearing a Chinese Army cap and I think that's Mao's little book she's peeking out from.

And you think I'm a lefty!

But she has freckles, curly strawberry blond hair and is Jewish, so I was happy. Hey, drop me a note, China girl, if you're reading this today.

And then I came across pix of my kitties when they were really kittens. Aww. Look how tiny.

(Actually, the most shocking thing about this is I was apparently drinking domestic beer.)


Anonymous said...

Cute girl! Cute cats! Ugly phones! lol

It is fun though when you find something you thought had been lost or didn't even know you still had somewhere.

Anonymous said...

fyi - you can donate your old cell phones and they recyle them to be used by victims of domestic violence. You can do it through the police or the cell carrier.

Anonymous said...

I think thats the first time you ever put up a real picture of one of your friends instead of a cartoon? Not that we can see her!!

Anonymous said...

haha I cant even imagine what I'd find if I spring-cleaned!!

Anonymous said...

Were you getting that little kitten drunk on Bud? :)

Anonymous said...

The Stella snob drinking Budweiser? The guy who mocks me when I order a "piss water" American brew? BUSTED!

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