Monday, May 14, 2007

Just another hen-pecked schlub

Rudy Giuliani, that macho man of the GOP whose "heroics" calmed the country on 9-11 and made him America's Mayor?

Ehh, not so much.

Turns out, according to a fascinating New York magazine profile, he's just another sad-sack husband controlled by his wife. (Of course, in his case it's his third wife, Judith Nathan.)

She first threw her net around him at an upscale cigar bar:

Club Mac, with its wooden Indians, leather sofas, and “state-of-the-art ventilation system,” had become a well-known late-night haunt for the mayor. Perhaps it was also something of an escape: He was still living at Gracie Mansion with his second wife, television personality Donna Hanover. Here, he could kick back with a tumbler of Glenlivet and relax with City Hall aides and political associates. Sometimes a woman would approach him, interrupting his cigar-smoking to express her admiration, maybe get an autograph. Perhaps flirt mildly. So it wasn’t surprising when Nathan, a pretty woman with rich brown hair, came over and said hello.


A few days after their fateful meeting, the mayor had an aide retrieve Judith’s business card from his desk drawer at City Hall, then he phoned and asked her out. They took in a movie at Loews Kips Bay, The General’s Daughter, which is about a cover-up at West Point. At dinner afterward, at Peter Luger Steakhouse, they were chaperoned by a couple of City Hall staffers.

So they meet sort of sleazy, she was basically a glorified groupie - and then it gets better when Rudy starts wooing.

Before they were married, he indulged her desire to dine regularly at Le Cirque even though the heavy cuisine tended to make him queasy. “It was almost required daily, going to Le Cirque for dinner, and Rudy used to throw up afterward, because the food was so rich,” says a witness. “But she wanted to go, because it was the place to be seen, and the treatment by Sirio [Maccioni, the owner] was incredible.”


Well, his kids hate him for the way he treated their mother, his former wife, Donna Hanover. And the religious nuts who run the GOP are beginning to turn against him now they realize how strongly pro-choice he is (one of the good things he has going for him).

I doubt he will be President. But he will always have Judi.

At least until wife #4 comes along.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to feel sorry for him or hate him after reading that article!

Anonymous said...

He treated his wife (Donna Hanover) like crap, so maybe now its karmic payback.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the new wife is the one who talked him into even running for president. He really is "hen pecked"!!! lol

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight.... he treats women like dirt, he's out hittin the sauce late night with his boys and he's goin to le circue on an almost daily basis... AND JBK is TRASHIN HIM?????????

Surely your blue blood has clouded your red bloodshot eyes!

Roo-dee Roo-dee Roo-dee!!!!!

p.s. what's Wesley Clark up to these days?

J said...

Listen my husky friend, first of all it's Le Cirque not "le circue" - but coming from a man who thinks cheesesteak is the ultimate in dining, I guess that's to be expected - Rudy has no chance of getting the nomination in that increasingly psychotic party of yours. Second of all, Wes Clark is teaching, making media appearances, and will no doubt be stumping for the Democratic candidate once the presidential race gets underway as the respected and accomplished military expert he is. Rudy, on the other hand, will be back home with Judi at that point, arguing with her over who gets to wear the satin pumps.

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