Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Like New York in (May)

Ok, it isn't quite June yet, as in the old Sinatra classic, it was a little cloudy today, and the trees haven't even really bloomed yet, but this is still a great time of year in the city. Especially for a little post-lunch stroll through Central Park.

Any time I go through my annual "I gotta get out of here" mood, in the depth of winter, it always goes away when Spring comes back to town, and I remember I live five minutes away from one of the world's great parks.

Even seen through the crappy 1.3 MP camera on the Q.


Anonymous said...

Is that the "Ghostbusters" building? :)

Anonymous said...

stop strolling the city and go get a job. you can't raise a family being a blogger all your life.

can i get a bell ring?

J said...

Listen my husky friend, I don't play the little conformist routine like you, house in the burbs, commuting two hours every day, gobbling down a lousy sandwich at my desk in my pitiful 20 minute lunch, sitting in my underwear in front of the TV every night guzzling Budweiser, trying to ignore the dog wanting yet another walk. I live for the moment. Now, don't forget to pick up diapers on your way home tonight. And get that car serviced, it's been making a funny noise lately. And don't forget to mow the lawn this weekend.

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