Wednesday, May 09, 2007

He's toast

"My idea of a choice is that it should be a real choice and that ultimately, then, you have to respect a woman's consciousness," Giuliani told Ingraham and listeners on 340 radio stations nationwide. "I think life is enormously important, but so is personal liberty."

Ingraham pressed Giuliani, asking him whether stories about the birth of a 22-week-old baby affected him. Giuliani said they did, calling the debate about abortion "a deeply personal" issue. He stressed that Americans understand the difference between personal beliefs and public policy.

"So why people think this is such a contradiction, I don't get. I think it's entirely consistent," he said.

When Ingraham ended the segment with a standard line about his returning again, a clearly agitated Giuliani responded: "I would love to come back, but you're going to have to ask me about the war on terror and what we do about the economy, which is after all what most citizens ask me about."

"Well, conservatives are citizens, too, Mayor Giuliani!" Ingraham responded. "We're citizens, too."
- Washington Post


As I told you a year ago, even though he's supposedly leading in the polls among Republican candidates, Rudy doesn't have a chance in hell of getting the nomination with the anti-choice numbnuts controlling his party.

Unfortunately for him, it's not all about his "heroics" on 9-11.

Fortunately, he's probably the only Republican who could put some of the big blue states like New York and California in play.

Bring on McCain.


Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be McCain or Fred Thompson.

Anonymous said...

I like what Rudy did in the city, and wish he would win, but I agree he wont get nominated by the Republicans.

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