Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bee meet chicken

A damn bee ruined my move today.

I took a post-lunch stroll through Central Park and was sitting by the lake watching the turtles swim around, which is very relaxing. I was in one of those little gazebo things scattered around the lake's edge, each with two benches facing each other, and this really cute girl sat down in the bench opposite mine and started writing in a journal.

Then this woman came by with a little girl, couldn't have been more than five, and was pointing out the turtles to her.

And then the bee made its appearance.

It was big. I mean seriously big. HUGE. I could feel the air move, its damn wings were so big.

And it started buzzing around me. So I jumped up flapping my arms like an idiot. (I was going to say like a 5-year-old girl, but she was calmer than me.)

And her mother started laughing and said, "It's a bumblebee, it won't sting."

Of course, there went the great move I was going to lay on the cutie.

And she looked like she could have been the one too.

Goddamn bee. I was B-blocked.


Anonymous said...

lol you should have told her you were just trying to make the little girl laugh by flapping you arms :)

Anonymous said...

a damn libby afraid of a bumble bee, shocking... real shocking

J said...

Listen my husky friend, that damn bee was the size of one of those giant gobs of greasy meat you cram in your mouth as you sit nightly watching SportsCenter and hoping all your bets are successful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that girl wrote in her journal "A guy sitting opposite me ran away flapping his arms because of a bumblebee." hehe

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