Monday, May 21, 2007

Attention Single Women

A plea to all my single women readers (besides keeping those interesting pictures you've been sending coming my way, of course) - REGISTER and VOTE, damn it.

There was a discussion on Bill Maher's HBO show recently about how single women vote pretty heavily Democratic - but, unfortunately, as a group they are much less likely to register and vote than women who are married. Married women tend to split their votes between the two parties. (I don't know if these women just get more conservative when they get married and have kids, or if they're being bullied by some lunk of a husband to pull the lever for the GOP.

Never married, widowed and divorced women make up 46 percent of all women and an equal share of women in the work force. Their votes, when they cast them, favor Democrats by a significant margin.

But they register and vote at a markedly lower rate than their married sisters, who split more evenly between the parties, according to a study by Women's Voices, Women Vote, an organization formed to involve more unmarried women in the political process.
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

That article is from 2004 and there is an even larger percentage of single women now. In fact, demographic experts say singles will soon be the majority among the U.S. female population.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Whether they are divorced, separated, widowed, not yet married, or legally prevented from marrying their same-sex partner, almost half of all American women over 18 are unmarried. Soon they will be a majority.

But turnout among unmarried women - just 59 percent in the 2004 presidential cycle - was significantly lower than the 71 percent rate among married women. In the 16 states where Women's Voices ran targeted mobilization campaigns, however, the rate of increased turnout for what the group prefers to call "women on their own" was twice the rate of increase in the other 34 states.

Everybody knows Democrats fare better among women than men. But Republicans win among white women and married women.

So it's even more important for you to make sure you and your friends are getting out there and voting. And of course, if you read Too Saucy regularly, you know who to vote for. If not, I'll tell you closer to election day.

Thank you.

And did I mention, keep your interesting pix coming into my mailbox.

Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

It's true. I think I'm the only one of my friends who votes. They're never even really sure who the candidates are.

Anonymous said...

JBK wrote "...or if they're being bullied by some lunk of a husband to pull the lever for the GOP."

I told you JBK, definitely lunk but certainly not bullying... just a simple "Why waste your time, my vote will only cancel your vote out?" routine works just fine on election day.

p.s. why wait till later in the election season to tell the ladies who to vote for... are you having wesley clark stagefright?

Anonymous said...

I think I read somewhere that it's having kids that makes women more conservative leaning not just being married?

Not a hipster said...

Yeah, I think you're right severin.

Thankfully I haven't found that happening to myself yet. :) I'll fight it!

J said...

Listen my husky friend, first of all, thankfully, your wife is smart enough not to listen to your rightwing nonsense. Not to mention, she is no doubt raising a good little liberal baby who will carry on the proud lib tradition while you sit wrapped in an (extra-large) shawl raving about tree huggers.

Second, I can't recommend candidates for various Senate and House offices until we see who gets the nominations you dolt. (Obviously for president, whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be will be the preferable choice).

Not a Hipster, I've been a little bit out of the loop as far as blogging lately between some traveling and working on a deadline - I totally lost track of you being pregnant. How far along are you? (And we will hold you to your promise not to suddenly turn conservative! :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand how your whole political philosophy can casually change because you happen to get married? How strong were their views to begin with if that's the case with these women.

Not a hipster said...

JBK, I am 30 weeks, my due date is July 30th. If I suddenly become conservative, I give anyone the right to bitch slap me.

Jill g, someone I used to be friends with started suddenly voting conservative because the guy she was dating was Republican. She's now married to him, and pretty much votes that way because he does. When I asked her about it, she claimed it was important to her that families agree on "stuff like that."

Yeah. She was smart in some other aspects, but totally clueless when it came to politics. She voted for Norm Coleman for our Senator because his wife "is a pretty model," and she thought if Coleman won, it would encourage young girls to do the same, or something stupid like that. I asked her if she knew anything about Coleman, and she couldn't tell me anything he stood for.

Some women just can't think for themself. One of the many reasons I'm no longer friends with her.

Anonymous said...

Not a hipster that's a pretty depressing story. Jill I think you're right - some people (and not just women) don't really have any core beliefs and can be swayed pretty easily. Look at most Americans after 9-11. All of a sudden Bush was seen as a strong president, a hero. Why? They were swayed by their emotions and by others suddenly taking about him as if he was the greatest president ever. He wasn't so popular before the attacks, and now he's even less popular than he was because of the Iraq war.

Anonymous said...

Not a Hipster, yeah I was sure I had seen that somewhere that when women become mothers they become more protective of and care mostly about their family unit than about society as a whole, so they lose their interest in programs that help the less fortunate, for example. They also want a stronger, even militaristic police force and of course army to protect "society" and their children, so they care less about something like civil liberties.

Not a hipster said...

Severin, of course I will care about my family, but what a lot of people (women) fail to realize is what will happen to families if the things they claim to want come to be. If you cut programs that help less fortunate families, develop a militaristic police force, and forget about civil liberties, the world would be even more of a shit hole than it already is.

This is why I give anyone the right to bitch slap me if I turn conservative.

Anonymous said...

I just dont get it. Why does getting married or having a child suddenly make you think "all my views before when I was single or childless were wrong. Now I must become a whole new person and change my beliefs". That's ridiculous if people actually think like that!

Not a hipster said...

I don't get it either, l.w.t., but it happens. If anything, being pregnant has made me more liberal, more firm in my beliefs.

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