Thursday, May 03, 2007

And the web grows more tangled

WASHINGTON, May 2 — The Justice Department has begun an internal investigation into whether a former senior adviser to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales improperly tried to fill vacancies for career prosecutors at the agency with Republicans loyal to the Bush administration, department officials said Wednesday.

The inquiry focuses on whether the former adviser, Monica Goodling, sought to determine the political affiliations of job applicants before they were hired as prosecutors — potentially a violation of civil service laws and a break with a tradition of nonpartisanship in the career ranks at the Justice Department.
- New York Times

Another day, another scandal from the Bush White House.

This latest one is all part of a pattern, and actually quite indicative of many of the problems we've faced under the Bush Reign of Error: from the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to government agencies trying to belittle global warming and evolution, even to the running of the Iraq war.

We're being screwed royally by political hacks. Incompetent political hacks, no less.

They don't care about doing what's best for the country, they don't care about science. They don't even care about running a war correctly. They only care about serving Bush.

It's almost a cult of personality, like the old communist days. You even see it in some of his supporters - that loyal 28 percent who still show up in the polls saying they support this empty little suit of a man.

We saw the incompetent and unprepared “Heckuva Job, Brownie” being put in charge of FEMA, which was one of the most effective and admired agencies under Bill Clinton, and the result is New Orleans as we knew it basically doesn't exist any more, and probably never will again.

We saw NASA officials silencing scientists' reports on global warming, and the theory of “Intelligent Design” being taught in public schools alongside evolution.

When former Army Chief of Staff General Eric Ken Shinseki said we would need several hundred thousand troops in Iraq to restore and keep order following the invasion, he was mocked by the numb nuts at the White House who said it was going to be a cakewalk, and was quietly forced out of his job. Four years later, we have more than 3,300 US troops dead, who knows how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians slaughtered, and Iraq sinking deeper into a bloody civil war. Historians are already saying the Iraq invasion and aftermath is one of the worst foreign policy debacles in this country's history.

And now the Justice Department, already reeling from the US Attorneys scandal, when Attorneys were fired for prosecuting guilty Republicans, or not ginning up charges against innocent Democrats, is rocked again with the revelation that they have been trying to seed traditionally career, non-partisan positions with loyal little Bushies.

Seriously, how many people are dead today, here in the U.S. and around the world, who otherwise would still be alive except George W. Bush became president?

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