Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When you've lost the Mormons....

The invitation extended to Vice President Dick Cheney to be the commencement speaker at Brigham Young University has set off a rare, continuing protest at the Mormon university, one of the nation’s most conservative.

Some of the faculty and the 28,000 undergraduate and graduate students, who are overwhelmingly Republican, have expressed concern about the Bush administration’s support for the war in Iraq and other policies, but most of the current protest has focused on Mr. Cheney’s integrity, character and behavior. Several students said, for example, that they were appalled at Mr. Cheney’s use of an expletive on the Senate floor in a June 2004 exchange with Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont.
- New York Times

Just how unpopular is Dick Cheney?

The Mormons are protesting a visit from him.

One of the most conservative, heavily Republican demographics in the country - Utah is one of the few states where George Bush is at the 50 percent approval mark; most other places, remember, he's tied with gonorreah - and the students at BYU are protesting a visit from the Dark Lord himself.

Of course, it will be a clean, polite protest, with very attractive blonde-haired girls, no less. I've always had a thing for those corn-fed Mormon girls - grrrowwr.

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