Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Movie tip #472

Do not, repeat, do not ever allow yourself to be finagled into watching an abortion called "The Lake House."

My friend Sarah came over Monday night for a lovely Omaha filet mignon dinner, and, when we we were looking for a movie to watch later, there was nothing playing that both of us wanted to see so she convinced me to try the aforementioned "Lake House," with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves (I had been weakened by a devious little shiraz by this point).

Not only is it a chick flick, it's a stupid chick flick.

I could feel my testicles and my brain cells shriveling simultaneously.

Oy, so bad.

I still couldn't tell you what it was supposed to be. They start writing letters to each other separated by two years yet simultaneously read by each other through some magic mailbox and she's a doctor and he dies in her arms after getting hit by a bus but she writes to him and saves him and - ugh, just terrible.

No wonder the terrorists hate us.


Anonymous said...

I saw that. it was more of a science fiction movie than a "chick flick"!!

Anonymous said...

the movie sucked, i rented it cuz....hell, i don't even know WHY i rented it. A total waste of time

Anonymous said...

Keanus Reeves is seriously the worse actor. I don't know how he gets so many roles?

Anonymous said...

lol Keanu plays the same part in every movie!

Not a hipster said...

Yeah, I am embarrassed to admit that we saw that in the theater. It was bad. Very bad. I still don't understand how they were separated by two years, but then somehow converged to where they lived in the same time. Then I realized it was painful and a waste to even bother trying to figure it out.

Bad movie.

Anonymous said...

That movie is just weird. I think when he gets hit by the bus something happens to his spirit that transports him ahead to her future time period since she was there tending to him and that's how they communicated in the letters. But it made no sense because why didn't she recognize his name? She was a doctor, wouldnt she have to fill out a death certificate when he died? It didn't make sense. And if he died why did the letters suddenly start coming two years later? I'm probbaly thinking about it too much! lol

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