Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lol gr8 idea NOT

The Washington Post is reporting that in GQ's new issue, a reporter conducted an interview with Lindsay Lohan entirely by BlackBerry. And, amazingly, The Post says her messages are pretty banal.

This is shocking. I really figured they would be erudite and witty and deep.

For GQ's special "Love, Sex and Madness" issue, writer Marshall Sella conducted an interview with bad girl actress Lindsay Lohan -- entirely via BlackBerry messages!!

"Because that's how the kids are communicating these days," Sella writes in an introduction. And, he adds, Lohan is "an icon of her generation."

How did this high-tech experiment work out? Not so good. It turns out that Lohan's BlackBerry text messages are about as banal as anybody else's text messages.

"Here now wearing marc jacobs pumps and a kate and kass dress, vintage chanel messenger and topshop tights and peace sign earrings from kaviar and kind," she writes.

Sella gets that message and fires one back asking Lohan if she plays poker.

"Weird! I just e-mailed my friend sara pantera saying I'm going to start playing poker again! I bought two puppies today! Sober impulse buying of companions who will help me stay home etc," Lohan replies.

Sella sends back a message endorsing dogs and asking if Lohan likes cats.

"Cats scare me," she writes. "I just think of bad luck from black ones like I had in 'Just My Luck'! I need a boyfriend. Geez."

Back and forth they go until Sella asks Lohan, who is busy filming a movie, to tell him about the happiest moment of her life.

"Gotta think sex scene today," she writes back.

"Best message ever," Sella answers. "What do you think about during a sex scene?"

Oy. How much is that guy trying to get in her pants? Can't really blame him though. She is still pretty hot, in that nubile, needy, about-to-melt-down-any-minute way. You've got to give her that.


Anonymous said...

I'd text her anytime.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read the letter she sent after Robert Altman's death? I'm pretty sure GQ or the Washington Post cleaned up her spelling big time here! :)

Anonymous said...

Is she really considered hot?

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