Sunday, April 29, 2007

I wish I had friends like that

"A few nights after he resigned his post as secretary of state two years ago, Colin L. Powell answered a ring at his front door. Standing outside was Prince Bandar, then Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, with a 1995 Jaguar. Mr. Powell’s wife, Alma, had once mentioned that she missed their 1995 Jaguar, which she and her husband had traded in. Prince Bandar had filed that information away, and presented the Powells that night with an identical, 10-year-old model. The Powells kept the car — a gift that the State Department said was legal — but recently traded it away."
- NY Times


And remember, Powell was supposedly one of the good guys in the Bush administration.

Republican corruption is endemic.


Anonymous said...

The best gift I ever got from a co-worker was a DVD player which I think cost about 50 bucks. And I was grateful for it!!!

Anonymous said...

You're makin a big deal over a 12 year old jag probably worth 5 grand?

you have bar tabs bigger than that!!!!!!!!

J said...

Listen my husky friend, unlike that hunk of junk you drive - covered in dog hair no less - a Jag appreciates in value. If this was in mint condition, which I'm sure it was, it was probably worth about 80 thou. Just another day at the office for the GOP crooks, of course.

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