Friday, April 20, 2007

At the prom?

Here's a picture of possible GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson and his tender young wife, Jeri (yes, that's how she spells it - probably puts a little heart over the "i" too) courtesy of No Quarter, through Wolcott.

She looks like she's about a third of the old coot's age.

I'm sure I saw her dancing on the bar at McFadden's last night. Those twin towers look very familiar.

Remember, though, Bill Clinton is the evil sex fiend who had to be impeached by these guys.

Gotta love the family values party.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if she became First Lady?

Anonymous said...

Haha YOU'RE one to talk about robbing the cradle! :)

Anonymous said...

Twin towers. lol

Anonymous said...

The marriage of Fred thompson and Sara Lindsey began in 1959, when Fred was just 17 years old, and ended in an amicable divorce in 1985. He didn't meeet Jeri until 11 years after the divorce was final, and they were married 6 years later.

But nice try to paint him as a Bill Clinton-type cheater. Facts can be such inconvenient things sometimes, can't they?

Anonymous said...

"Sturm Ruger" you're in the wrong place if you want to try to desperately defend your party's hypocrisy with those Republican "facts' as you call them, conveniently ignoring reality as the rest of the world knows it. Don't be so naive about your hero Fred Thompson who hasnt a chance in hell. Freak.

Anonymous said...

Aww that's cute. Is that his daughter? Here's the thing with Freddie - he has some sad groupies, male and female, but for most normal people down here we've had enough of this pompous ham. It's hard to say if he was worse as a senator or a sleazy B-movie/TV actor. But either way he's not getting in the White House! lol

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