Friday, April 13, 2007

At Mecca, she's going to scream “Oy, Allah”

I had drinks Thursday night with my friend "Jan Brady." The beauty part is she doesn't drink that much (although she loves to eat) so when I made some noise about her owing me for some advice I had given her, she ended up throwing in more money than she really owed – good times.

She's always ripe for a chuckle, though.

She was telling me about a recent trip to Italy with her husband. And what did she take away from seeing all those magnificent sights, the living history, the museums, the food – well, she saw Gisele Bundchen at a Dolce & Gabbana. Granted, I would be pretty happy at that too, but still.

Besides always being celebrity-struck - I was with her once and she literally froze like a deer in headlights, jaw agape, when she saw a guy she thought was the actor who played Samantha Jones' boyfriend on "Sex and the City" - Jan has a way with words. When they were at the Vatican, she was trying to take a picture and someone walked into the shot just as her camera battery was about to die, so she shouted out “Jesus Christ!”

Heads glared at her from all directions. She's actually lucky she didn't get strung up by the religious freaks who flock there.

Jan Brady – world traveler, religious instigator.


Anonymous said...

lol I would gape at Smith Jarrod too!!!

Anonymous said...

His real name is Jason Lewis and hes hot - even when he shaved his hair off!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would do more than gape at him heheh

J said...

Ok, calm down girls!

Anonymous said...

Oh you get to drool over Gisele but we can't drool over Smith Jarrod?? lol

Anonymous said...

see. no one cares that she yells JC at all. Yippee "Jan".

Anonymous said...

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