Monday, April 02, 2007

“April, come she will.”

In honor of the new month, here's a nice little low-key and pretty much forgotten Simon & Garfunkel song from their legendary Central Park concert.

It brings a smile to my face because several years ago I was traveling through Asia with an ex – it was a great trip; we were on the road for three months and went around China, Thailand, Bali and Hong Kong - and toward the middle of our journey we were in Bali and stumbled into a little store in Ubud selling bootleg CDs, the overwhelming majority of them strange Japanese and Thai albums we had never heard of.

But for some bizarre reason the S&G Central Park concert album was huge there (only about 20 years late). It was playing on the sound system when we walked in, and the store boasted a big picture of them on the stage. Since that concert was recorded about 10 minutes away from where I live, and we were feeling a little homesick by this point, we bought it and played it over and over again during the following week or so (and sorry Paul Simon, but I doubt you got any royalties from the purchase).

Of course by the end of the trip we were also ready to kill each other, so it's not that sweet a story - but, still, this song always brings back fun memories.


Anonymous said...

What a voice he had!

Not a hipster said...

A few years ago when they had their reunion tour, Andy and I went to see them in St. Paul. It was a great show. Garfunkel stood there the entire time singing with his thumbs hooked into his vest. I really don't think he ever moved his arms.

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