Wednesday, March 14, 2007

“Get laid, get...”

One of my You Tube excursions brought me to this clip of the inimitable Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline,” which was always a popular bar song at a great dive I used to frequent a few years ago on Second Ave in the fashionable Upper East Side (now, sadly, the place is a tapas restaurant of all things).

When they played it, usually about 2 am on a Friday night, the crowd would always chant along, “So good, so good, so good,” and, of course, “Get laid, get fucked” at the appropriate places. Good times.

I don't think he's lip-syncing in the clip, that's not the CD version, it's an off-kilter picture/soundtrack timing thing - often the case with the old TV clips found on You Tube - but one thing is clear in the close-ups: Neil is high as a kite. (In the segue between the two songs, he even makes a crack about clearing his sinuses. Ah, network TV in the 70s; now we just have Paula Abdul).

The pink sparkly jumpsuit is pretty funny too.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Caroline rocks! I don't really know that other song in that clip, it's not bad but Sweet Caroline always gets people singing and swaying! :)

Anonymous said...

Drunken singalongs to "Sweet Caroline" are the best!! lol

Anonymous said...

By 2 AM in the morning, I'm sure you are easily confused but like most Democrats you never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The song the neanderthals sing "get laid, get >>>>" to is "Monie, Monie" by Billy Idol not Sweet Caroline.

Carry on, flag burners.

J said...

Ahh, typical right-wing hostility and errors. In fact, the song "Mony Mony" that everyone sings along to is by Tommy James and the Shondels, (B. Idol did a tepid remake many years later). But the "Get Laid" line was also sung to Sweet Caroline, (as well a few other songs) at the UES bar I was talking about. But I'm sure our husky right-wing friend here was too busy undertaking dirty tricks for the Bush-Cheney campaign to enjoy such good-natured liberal fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey we sang "Get laid/Get F#&*% in that song too. It goes in right after he says "We fill it up with only two."
and after "How can I hurt when holding you"

Justme said...

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Problemchild said...

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