Friday, February 09, 2007

With marshmallows, no less

I made my first hot chocolate of the season today and let me tell you it was tasty. It was made even sweeter as I sipped it standing at my window high above the streets of the fabulous Upper East Side and watched my fellow New Yorkers far below bundled up and scurrying off to work and doing chores. Good times.

Alas, I have to brave the elements soon myself, as I have a lunch in midtown which I'd rather not go to, but hey, a free meal at Bar Americain. Why not?

I think by then it's supposed to be a balmy 33 degrees anyway.

This is seriously the time of year I go through my annual That's-it-I'm-moving-to-California routine.

But then I never do it, and Spring comes and it's beautiful in NY again. Ah well, maybe next year.


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That looks so good. Now I want one! lol

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