Friday, February 23, 2007

No wonder NBC is sinking

Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon could be heading back to late night on NBC, but this time as Conan O’Brien’s replacement.

According to multiple sources, Fallon is close to a new overall developmental deal with NBC, and those sources say one possibility under consideration as part of the agreement could see the network developing Fallon as a 12:30 a.m. replacement if and when incumbent Conan O’Brien replaces Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in 2009.

While the network announced O’Brien as Leno’s replacement, it has yet to name O’Brien’s successor. While 1:30 a.m. host Carson Daly recently told B&C he is interested in the job, he also said he was yet to talk to the network about the 12:30 opening, perhaps signaling the network's intentions.
- Broadcasting & Cable

The choices to replace Conan are Jimmy Fallon or Carson Daly? Two of the most annoying "personalities" out there? Fallon is maybe ok in a short SNL skit, or perhaps a movie. But giggling at his own jokes and being on TV five nights a week is a different beast. And Daly, well, enough said.

It's like the Iran-Iraq war. America sorta wants both sides to loose.


Anonymous said...

If those are the choices I'd have to say Jimmy Fallon

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Jimmy fallon too!

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