Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone. I may just have to head over to Delta Grill later for a lil' taste of New Orleans, some gumbo and, of course, some of their infamous three buck happy hour frozen mini-margaritas. Mmm.

Some of my more evil friends might say that yesterday was Fat Monday for me, and tomorrow will be Fat Wednesday, and I do pledge to you, the Too Saucy reader, that this is the year I lose that 10 pounds I've been whining about forever.

In fact, I got off to a good start to it today, walking an astounding sixty blocks (30 blocks out, 30 back). With the standard formula of 20 city blocks equaling one mile, that's a brisk three-mile walk. Absolutely breathlessly, may I add, unlike many of my wheezier buds who are usually gasping for oxygen just heading to a bus stop.

I feel so alive and manly now.

Of course, the fact that the walk was to Bed, Bath and Beyond on 1st Ave. may negate some of the manliness. Although, let me hasten to add, I wasn't at the bed or bath part, only the beyond.

Actually, here's a recreation of my visit (and remember, the camera adds about 100 pounds).


Anonymous said...

Delta Grill yumm I love the po'boys (sp?) there.

Anonymous said...

Did you meet Michael Starr?

happy Fat Tuesday jackass

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