Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The downtown trains are full of all those Brooklyn girls...

Woohoo - we're number seven!

Here's an interesting list of the world's 11 best subway systems. The highest-rated U.S. transit system is, of course, New York's, but it only comes in at number seven.

By the way, let me just brag here (cough) and say I've ridden six of these 11 systems: NYC, London, Montreal, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo.

And here's a couple of video tributes to the NY system, both appropriately in noir B&W, although in all my years of riding (on a Downtown Train or otherwise) I've only “met cute” two times, as in the first video – sadly, I'm usually just repulsed by my fellow subway riders.


Anonymous said...

Tom Waits is the man! Thats so much cooler than Rod Stewarts version.

Anonymous said...

Haha Brooklyn girls are ok!! It's a great lyric though.

Anonymous said...

I've ridden New York and Montreal. Would love to ride Moscow or Paris!!!

Anonymous said...

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