Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bah, humbug

I know the love-scorned female astronaut story has been quite a laugh for all, as seen in the wacky cable and tabloid headlines – Lust in Space, The Wrong Stuff, Astro-Nutty – haha.

In fact, it's really just a very sad story.

This is a woman who was obviously in pain and has some real problems and then snapped. Hey, I've had stalky girls, we probably all have had stalkers - who fortunately weren't astronauts - so their shenanigans weren't splashed across the front pages and on 24-hour news stations. Also, granted, they didn't drive across the country in diapers and carry mace for some hijinx.

If only she hadn't been wearing those damn diapers.

That was probably the tipping point for the press coverage. Diapers!

But let's be honest, if it had been a male astronaut stalking a former female lover, the coverage would not have been so flippant and mocking. But, hey, it's a wacky woman astonaut. Good stuff. Time for some cable news beat-the-story-to-death coverage.

As Jon Stewart said, the headline should have been “Very Accomplished Woman in Tragic Local Story.”

And take out the “very accomplished" part and it's the Anna Nicole Smith saga. Many people found her funny, but it was all really just incredibly sad. She was a slow motion train wreck we actually saw dying before our eyes over the last few years. And if her “lawyer” isn't arrested soon for enabling all this, then there really is no justice.

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