Monday, January 01, 2007

President schmesident - the game better be on

I occasionally read an on-line bulletin board for and by people who have hi-def tv sets and Time Warner Cable of NYC. It's clearly not run by TW, as the abuse heaped on our local cable system makes clear, it's just one of those bulletin boards you stumble across all the time, geared to a particular interest or topic.

Now, I know a little about hi-def and the TV business, but these people are fanatical technophiles and really know their stuff.

And every once in a while, you stumble across a post that makes you chuckle and realize that everyone has their own interests and priorities in the world.

In the hi-def area, sports is a big draw, so, among the tech talk and the berating of Time Warner or the various networks and channels for their hi-def offerings, there is always chatter about the Giants or the Knicks or MSG or the Yankees, etc.

The Giants-Redskins game was to be shown on WNBC Saturday at 8 pm, but the network was in the middle of covering the funeral for former president Jerry Ford. Apparently, though, ch. 4 switched to the game as scheduled, leaving one relieved poster on the board to comment:

"wnbc made the switch at 8pm right on time.. (i was worried they'd stick with the funeral)"

We all live in our own little world sometimes.

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