Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My cynicism alarm is ringing

There's something too strange about this case in Missouri where that youngster who was kidnapped four years ago was, thankfully, found alive, along with another boy who had been kidnapped just recently.

There were discovered at the home of the alleged kidnapper, an overweight pizza parlor worker and part-time funeral home employee (and doesn't that whole combination just shout “Welcome to Bush country!”)

The thing is, the kid who had been gone for four years (he's now 15) had apparently been free to ride his bike around the neighborhood, visit friends' houses - he'd even been seen camping in the backyard with the supposed kidnapper, and neighbors just figured it was his son.

I call shenanigans.

And, yes, I've heard the theories that it's some type of Stockholm Syndrome, where the kidnappee begins to identify with the kidnapper. Or else, that the kid was threatened with violence against him or his family if he ran away.

But, I'm sorry – we're talking about someone in his mid teens, not a 4-year-old. You're telling me if you were kidnapped and have access to a bike you're not out of there in an instant?

There's something more here.

Granted, I am the suspicious, cynical type. The most famous example being the case of Elizabeth Smart, the young Utah girl kidnapped and missing for several years, and eventually found alive. Same thing – she had apparently been walking around outside, visiting fast food restaurants, etc., not chained up in a basement somewhere.

When that case broke, I remember turning to a co-worker (it might even have been the infamous “Jan Brady” of this blog fame) and saying: “Jan, get off the phone to Vegas and listen to me. That girl didn't want to be found.”

When I saw the TV footage of her playing that damn harp, she looked miserable. I'm not saying she wanted to be kidnapped, nor this Missouri boy. But I don't know if either were so eager to be found.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah 81829968 - I'll pop right over there! lol

Anonymous said...

It's even more suspicious. If you read that article it says he was free to go outside, use the phone or the internet. He had friends stay over at the house. And he was even stopped by cops one night when he was riding his bike at like 11:30 pm and didn't say anything to them!!!! Very weird.

Anonymous said...

But he's still pretty young and impressionable even though he's in mid teens. You can't imagine yourself in that situation and compare it to this case because who knows what was said to him to keep him there.

Anonymous said...

I heard he's going to be on Oprah so maybe he will tell us why he didnt run away. Then she will give him a new car!! lol

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Smart looked like she was brainwashed by her kidnapper AND her parents.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Smart DID want to be found. She was just too scared of her kidnappers to try anything. You need to understand that she was chained to a tree and repeatedly raped, abused, threatened, and terrorized. Mitchell told her he had followers watching her family and if she tried anything she and her family would be killed. What kid is going to risk her family's lives? She's not psychic-she had no idea that Mitchell was lying to her. There are cults in Utah, after all. What if he had not been lying and someone had been killed? It could've happened. Mitchell and Barzee are totally psychotic, and if you've read about or watched Mitchell put on his ACT at his competency hearings, then you know how manipulative he is. Besides, it's a national statistic that out of all age groups teenagers are the most at risk for kidnapping and the most vulnerable are teenage girls. Elizabeth was not the first teenager to believe her kidnappers' death threats and she most likely won't be the last. It's disgusting that so many idiots are so hellbent on believing this bullcrap about kidnap victims enjoying being raped and held hostage by pedophiles and not wanting to escape when they're too scared to try. This blame-the-victim mentality SERIOUSLY needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Uh anonymous do you fixate much on that case or what? Are you the kidnapper or somthing :) But you really seem to know a lot about it - who the hell would even know his name?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone was saying she WANTED to be kindnaped or raped or blame the victim. I think the comment was how very strange it seems when kidnapped people don't run away when they have multiple opportunities to do so.

Anonymous said...

It's called Stockholm Syndrome. Read about it and you'll understand why kidnap victims act the way they do. And I know a lot about the Smart case because of the 6 or 7 books that have been published about it, as well as the movie, the internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. That case is WAY overpublicized, and Ed Smart is in the news WAY too much.

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