Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's lasted longer than the Megan Mullally Show

I just turned on the TV and there's yet another round of coverage of Jerry Ford's funeral. I think this is the 5th day. It started in California, moved to D.C., and is now in Michigan.

And please don't misunderstand - I liked Ford. He was one of the last of the good guy Republicans, a moderate, not a hater, not a religious freak, not a gay basher.

And, as we found out in some recent posthumously published interviews, the former president thought Bush's Iraq adventure was going to be a debacle. He was, of course, right.

But the camera just went to a shot of his widow, Betty, and she looks absolutely devastated - very frail, she's in a wheelchair, bundled up against the Michigan weather.

I don't know, maybe she actually appreciates all this, but I somehow get the feeling she would like to be able to grieve in peace and not have to go through all the pomp of so many public ceremonies.

I hope they let her alone now.


Anonymous said...

I saw her on CNN. She looked so sad and like she was going to collapse. The soldiers were holding her up. I felt so bad for Betty Ford.

Anonymous said...

I noticed how bad she looked too! I guess when you're the president's family you have to expect this sort of public grieving, but they should have cut down all the various appearances and makiing them travel halfway across the country like that.

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