Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Here's a good way to get buzzed

Every time Bush mispronounces the word "nuclear," take a shot of Jack.


Not a hipster said...

I missed his speech. We just got our cable and internet hooked up today, and the Discovery Health channel is like crack to me, so I forgot he was on. Not that I'm too sad about that, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you didnt miss much Not a hipster - but I just cant believe you just got your cable hooked up. Did you recently move? I'd go crazy without my cable! :)

Not a hipster said...

We moved three weeks ago, but I was in the hospital for two of those weeks. So yeah, I was going crazy without being able to check my email. This past week has been pretty brutal, because without cable, there are 4 channels to watch. And it's all bad daytime soap operas and crap like that--ugh!

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