Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Good news: Trump's combover looks just at weird on the West Coast as it does in NYC

Jeezus, even though I tell myself not to, I get sucked in every damn year - I ended up watching the season premiere of “The Apprentice” on Monday night. (It was actually the repurposing of the show on CNBC after the initial airing Sunday on NBC. Remember when they used to just call it a rerun?)

As usual, there was one designated scapegoat contestant who you were supposed to root against from the beginning. This time it was Martin, a stuffy lawyer, wearing the most god-awful jacket and shirt combination I've seen, by the way. He was quite pompous and apparently not a very good worker, at least in the task they were assigned. And he was the one who actually got fired too heh.

The show is set in L.A. this season, which I guess will give them more opportunities to get the gals in bikinis and skimpy clothes – in fact, next week's episode has the teams designing swim wear.

But, sadly, there were no girls on either of the teams that I really would have went out of my way to look at twice - unlike the adorable Little Stacey of a few seasons ago, who I actually saw in person just after she had lost on the show. And let me assure you, the Too Saucy reader, she was just as tiny and cute in person as she was on TV.

Well, ok, maybe Heidi - the winning project leader this week - has some potential. I'm going to keep my eye on her.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I saw it on Sunday. It doesn't look like a great contestant group this year. No-one was fighting or backstabbing! :) But maybe it will get better. That was only the first week when they introduce everyone.

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