Monday, January 15, 2007

Double standard alert

The Air Force has relieved a female sergeant who posed for Playboy of her duties for not meeting its “high standards.”

Strangely, they allow the magazine to be sold in base PXs. And, of course, the armed forces turn a blind eye when military men - by the thousands - visit brothels or strip clubs every single day around the world.

By the way, I'm not saying they should start actions against the guys who go to the clubs or visit hookers. If you're old enough to be in the military and you want a little fun when you're stationed in some hell hole (Baghdad or Biloxi), why not?

But why pick on a woman because she posed for a very softcore girly mag while ignoring the other “morals” violations commited by men every day?

Hell, it's actually illegal in most places to go to a hooker; it's not against the law to pose for Playboy.

But, as usual, when the holier-than-thou moralists get their way, the hypocrisy is never far behind.

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That figures

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