Friday, January 05, 2007

Derelict on duty

This is how wacky I am: I actually have the phone number for my local wine store - the wonderful Mr. Wright's - in my cell phone contacts list.

Let me hasten to add, it's only because I got tired of always having to look up the damn number when I wanted a case of wine delivered. Oy.

And there is an amusing little Shiraz heading to Chez JBK even as we talk. Let the weekend begin.


Anonymous said...

hehe derelict is right!!! :)

pilgrimchick said...

I'll have to admit to the same thing in the case of two really good Indian take-out restaurants. I always had to go through the whole 411 deal to get the number, but now, at least through Verizon, you can get a text message of the number you requested sent to you--so you actually have it in a form that cannot be readily lost. Of course, that means peeling through a lot of old text messages to find numbers you actually intend to save, but hey, for a decent curry, it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

I have the pizza place on speed dial of my regular phone.

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