Friday, January 12, 2007

And another one gets added to the shit list

I have this perhaps irrational (although quite satisfying) habit of turning against someone and their work - even if I once enjoyed it - if I find out they are right-wing ideologues.

For example, I can't watch the “Airplane” movies now, even though I once thought they were quite funny, because one of the writer/producers, David Zucker, is a right-wing nut who made mocking commercials against Democrats and lavishly praised Bush and the GOP during the 2006 Congressional elections.

Probably the most famous example, of course, is Dennis Miller, a second-rate comedian whose stand-up routine, SNL stint, and talk show appearances I could tolerate for the quick verbal games he employed. Miller, however, became a particularly bizarre right-wing asshole after 9-11, and now I get totally nauseated if I see him.

And it's always been known that the head of Domino's Pizza and the chairman of Coor's Beer are both right-wing freaks, so I never buy either of their products. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I wouldn't want to anyway: the pizza tastes like cardboard and the beer like piss water, and NYC has a zillion great local pizza joints, and I love imported beer - but still, that's all just a happy coinky dink.

Well, now I find out that the CEO of eBay is a right-wing skunk too; Meg Whitman has given tons of money to conservative Republican candidates like George Allen and Mitt Romney. It's not that I have ever used her online auction service, or was even planning to at any point, but now she and her company have been added to my shit list and I will NEVER use eBay because of her obnoxious political leanings.

And you shouldn't either.

Thank you.


Not a hipster said...

Eh, I kinda disagree with you on this one. Of course it irritates me when I hear someone whose acting/food/beer I may enjoy is a right wing nut, but it's never stopped me from enjoying those things. I guess that's because I get nauseatingly bored when I hear nuts bitching that they won't watch certain movies anymore because the actor in it disagrees with the way Bush is handling the war.

While Minneapolis does not have the array of pizza choices that New York has, I think Domino's Pizza is the least gross of all of them, so that's where we order from. Tom Monaghan, who is the conservative founder of Domino's actually no longer runs the corporation or has any controlling interest in it.

Anonymous said...

Blehh on Dominos or any of the big chains like Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. They are so processed the locals are usually always better. Here (Dobb's Ferry) there's a pizza place called Sal's and it's great. There is also a Pizza Hut and I'm amazed how they stay in business because I dont know anyone who orders from there! On boycotting someone - I never thought Dennis Miller was funny so I would never watch him anyway. I probably wouldnt stop watching something like Airplane again but I would always be thinking that the guy who wrote it is a Bush fan and it would make me think twice about it I guess.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Miller was on SNL? You mean as part of the cast? When was this?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt use Ebay. Not necc. because of the Republican thing but I dont like the thought of sending money to a total stranger and hoping he will send me what I paid for.

J said...

I know what you are saying, Not a Hipster, but for me there's a difference when the right-wing thugs demand the Dixie Chicks, for example, be taken off the airwaves, or Sean Penn be arrested for treason, and simply refusing to watch a movie or buy a product because a right-wing asshole is a principal behind the product.

And, wow is there really no local option besides Domino's in Minn.? Tom Monaghan (I couldn't remember his name until you used it) was, and I believe still is, a real zealot in the choice battle. So I like to punish Domino's for his involvement, even if he's gone from the company - I'm petty that way. But, again, I probably wouldn't be using them anyway even if he hadn't tainted them.

Oh, and add "Everybody Loves Raymond" to my shitlist. Patricia Heaton, who played his wife, is another right-wing nut. Thank you.

Not a hipster said...

I see your point.

We have more than Domino's, but it's just Pizza Hut and Papa John's around where we live (right on the edge of downtown). We have great restaurants, but lousy pizza. I don't really like any of them, since I think Pizza Hut is way too greasy and Papa John's pizza falls apart as soon as you touch it and has no flavor.

I really like "Everybody Loves Raymond," and it's very annoying when I hear Patricia Heaton droning on about gay people deserving less, babies dying for research, etc. I think she's kind of an idiot, but it won't stop me from watching that show.

Ok, I'm off to attempt to run errands. We'll see how far I get.

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