Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is when I really need that sugar mommy

If my latest calamity had only happened, say, three days ago, perhaps December 23 - but, nooo, with my usual horrendous bad luck, of course it happened tonight.

I got back in the city a little while ago after a few days in Connecticut for the holidays and turned on my CD player – I am a huge music fan, greedily possess thousands of CDs and box sets from my days at one of the major record labels – and the damn thing has stopped working.

So now I am sans music. And I really love having music on, even if I'm just making dinner or generally futzing around the house. I'm seriously discombobulated without it.

And a new sound system, of course, would have been an absolutely perfect Christmas gift to get me. But, no, God forbid Big Baby Jesus help me out with the timing of the whole electronics-breaking-down thing.

I was always planning to get a new sound system when I finally get a hi-def TV for my living room, but the damn set I have in there now is still so freakin' good and the picture is so amazing (people have actually commented on the pic and asked if it's hi def), I would really feel guilty getting rid of it now before it goes, so I've been holding out. It's a 55' Toshiba that I've had for several years now, but it's analog and :sigh: non hi def. When it goes, I will get a 55' (or bigger) hi def, and Toshiba again.

I've had really good luck with that brand over the years for TVs. My bedroom set is also a Toshiba, a hi def LCD, and I love it, so I'll be replacing the living room with a Toshiba hi def, probably plasma, (hmm, do you think I've said Toshiba enough here? - heh).

Anyway, the point is, I was waiting to replace the damn sound system with a great new one (I've had my eye on a Bose Lifestyle or a Sony Dream system - I need to hear the ominious footsteps coming from behind me in a movie) to accompany a new TV, but now I guess I have to get one while I still have the embarrassingly out-of-date analog set.

Goddamn woe is me.

More importantly, who will be my Santa baby?


Anonymous said...

lol are you trying to schnoor a tv?

Anonymous said...

Who was that singing? I think she had a major face lift!!! :)

J said...

Well, the word is "shnorr" anonynous - and you're damn right I am.

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