Thursday, December 14, 2006

I hope there's film at 11...of the catfight

Former WSTM-TV (Channel 3) weekend anchor Maria C. Damiano was charged Tuesday night with trespassing, a violation, after Syracuse police found her sneaking around the home of Lisa Spitz, WSTM's current weekend anchor, police said.

Spitz, 30, is dating Alex Dunbar, a news cameraman for WSTM, according to police reports. Dunbar, 32, and Damiano broke up a year ago, but Dunbar "recently had contact with (Damiano), trying to remain friends," police reports said.


Dunbar told police about his history with Damiano.

"Dunbar reported that Damiano was not happy that he was dating Spitz and felt that Damiano was there to spy on them," Mathewson wrote.

Damiano spent the night in jail.

Spitz told police she fears for her safety and requested an order of protection against Damiano. Dunbar and Dusseault also requested orders of protection.

- Syracuse Post-Standard

Although this fellow goes on to claim he's upset at this, let me tell you, every guy loves when two women are fighting over him. And these are two on-air anchors no less.

Despite his protestations, this cameraman is in guy heaven.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, only Spitz is on air. The other is just a hottie.

Anonymous said...

Damiano used to be the weekend anchor at the same station!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a former hottie- if ever. Have you seen her lately? She's a f'n cow! No wonder Dunbar dumped her!

Anonymous said...

i watched her as she anchored live many times...yuk...gross...even 100 lbs ago...too deep woods italian for me...creepy kinda...only if yur drunk and she is the last one in the bar to leave without a date and u bang that in the dark maybe...also have u seen the guy in question alex dunbar...looks like a peeuny woody allen so it cant be his looks or sex...gotta be the cash!

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