Thursday, November 02, 2006

London Calling

Here's a pretty cool video someone put up on You Tube (someone who obviously has even more free time than I do!) If you know anything about video editing, this took some effort. He took snippets from various speeches of British Prime Minister Tony Blair (it looks like they're from political conventions and debates) and the result is Blair and a chorus of The Clash's immortal "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Blair is an interesting guy; he always seemed pretty decent and intelligent (certainly more so than our dufus in the White House). And Bush, of course, has been Blair's downfall, dragging the UK into the disastrous Iraq war, which is even more unpopular with the British public than it is with the American. Blair is now incredibly unpopular there, and probably won't be Prime Minister for too much longer.

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Not a hipster said...

I once saw a video like this of George Bush doing "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Was that on this blog?

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