Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I think that red wine stuff really works

I just walked to Grand Central and home again - about 100 blocks round trip, which (at 20 city blocks equaling 1 mile) means a brisk walk of 5 miles. And I feel mah-velous. I really think those stories about the medicinal value of red wine are true. Plus, I just finished taunting a friend who gets out of breath walking to the corner bus stop.

I headed to GCT to pick up my train ticket for Thanksgiving, as it's usually a zoo there on that day. First, you have all sorts of people who don't usually ride the rails, so they don't know where to go. And Metro North does this weird thing on Thanksgiving where you have to have the ticket before you board. Because they add so many extra trains that day, conductors usually don't come around to collect tickets once the train is underway, so they collect them at the platform gate, you don't even have the option of buying them on the train with the onboard penalty.

Quite annoying.

But now I need some medicinal shiraz.


Anonymous said...

love the blog. parts of it made me laugh quite hard. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky all you have to do is ride a train. I'm flying home Wednesday and returning Saturday. The airports are the worse at Thanksgiving! (Not that they're good at any time.)

Anonymous said...

Which train do you take? I'm going to Darien on Thanksgiving.

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