Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gee, I wonder why he was in a bad mood?

SAN DIEGO (Nov. 30) - A killer whale that dragged a trainer underwater twice during a show at SeaWorld Adventure Park may be allowed to perform again, park officials said Thursday.

Hmm, how to cut back on incidents like this?

Oh yeah, here's a suggestion - how about not keeping a whale captive in a fucking glorified aquarium? And making him jump through hoops or whatever they make them do every day for the delight of some overweight hillbillies.

Like those bulls they torture every year in the running at Pamplona, I always root for the animals in these situations.


Anonymous said...

hah I like how that story says the whale "may be allowed to perform again" like it's some sort of reward for the whale.

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion dude, lol, they keep this whale out of its environment and they dont want this whale reacts. So stupid.... and it is supposed we are the best specie in this world pffff ok, i go greetings from Bolivia and try to visit my blog :D (a little ad isnt good i know) see you then

Anonymous said...

lol I root for the bulls too!

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