Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Damn dirty apes

"Chimpanzees may be our closest biological relatives, but male chimps appear to differ from male humans in one striking way -- they clearly prefer older females, according to new research.

"In contrast to humans, the researchers found, male chimps find older females more desirable, approaching them more often to mate, fighting more with other males over them and mating with them far more frequently than with younger females. That is true even for higher-ranking male chimps, which have more choice of mates. The findings confirm the earlier results of other researchers."

- Washington Post

Have these stupid chimps never seen College Girls Gone Wild?


Anonymous said...

Chimps are less perverted than guys!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why can't guys be more like chimps!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Velma - the chimps also wouldn't be ogling teenybooper sluts in bars like SOME people we know!! hehe

Anonymous said...

eww don't tell me you watch Girls Gone Wild???!!! lol

J said...

Ahem, to Velma and Sarah...first I believe the term is teenybopper not teenybooper. Second, those damn dirty chimps may not be ogling nubile young girls in bars, but they also wouldn't be buying (or even making!!!) you the occasional lovely dinner or drinks. Instead they would be throwing their feces at you. Thank you.

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