Monday, November 20, 2006

But the ice sculptures on the buffet tables are spectacular

Fort Lauderdale -- Passengers disembarking at Port Everglades Sunday said their 16-day cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines' Liberty turned from tranquil to terrible when a highly contagious intestinal virus swept through the ship, flooding the infirmary with almost 700 patients and quarantining many in their staterooms.
- Sun Sentinel

Why do people still take cruises?

Every month I seem to hear about some damn ship returning to port with everyone on it sick as a dog. And if they're not all vomiting, someone has gotten drunk, fallen off board and disappeared for ever.

Sounds like a real party on those ships.


Anonymous said...

hah I took a cruise two years ago and had the runs for about three quarters of the trip. I didnt puke though thank god.

Anonymous said...

Thats true there always seems to be a ship full of people getting violently ill. What the hell goes on there with the food? And why do people pay thousands of bucks for that? lol

Anonymous said...

Smooshie, when you have thousands of people on the same basically closed environment for days or even weeks at a time, chances are someone is going to be sick and then others are going to get sick too. if they don't keep everything spotlessly clean in the kitchen and dining rooms it's going to happen.

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