Monday, November 13, 2006

Bush once again leaves his mark on the world

How bad are things in Iraq these days?

Iraqis are getting their names and phone numbers tatooed on their bodies, even though tatoos are against Islamic tradition, so they can be identified if they are killed and mutiliated beyond recognition.

The caption and photo in this chilling story in the Mercury News tells you all you need to know about the chaos and despair unleashed there since the U.S. invaded and toppled Hussein:

Ali Abbas, a 24-year-old Iraqi man, shows a tattoo giving his name, neighborhood and family phone number as identification in case he is killed in a bombing or a kidnapping and then dumped on a street. Although tatoos go against Islamic law, many Iraqis are getting ID tattoos so they won't be a nameless victim. Note, some of the lettering on his tattoo has been digitally altered to protect his identity.

But, hey, if you listen to Bush and John McCain and the increasingly slimy Joe Lieberman, we're always just turning a corner in Iraq, because, you know, we got Sadaam, we killed his sons, they held elections, why, we just need three more months before democracy blooms in the region.

Ok, there's less electricity and clean water than before the war, and people are afraid to go to work, school or shop. Bodies are piling up so fast they can't even keep count and have begun burying them in mass graves. Iran has been strengthened and the U.S. is more hated than ever in the Middle East. And almost 3,000 American military have been killed.

But Bush and his team scored a glorious victory for democracy by toppling Hussein, who had, er, well, nothing to do with 9-11.

How the hell do these people sleep at night?


Anonymous said...

That story's horrible. It says there are packs of wild dogs eating dead bodies left lying in the street. What the hell is going on there?

Anonymous said...

Thank Bush for all the mess.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they hate us even more now. We've destroyed that country thanks to our boob of a president.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes its so sad that things like that are happening there but you all seen to forget that under Hussein Iraq was filled with torture and rape rooms and he and his sons were dictators. Don't make it seem like everything was just fine before we took out Hussein.

Anonymous said...

Marcus I don't know any one who says Iraq was "good" under Saddaam Hussein - but at least so many people weren't dying and being left in the streets to rot and car bombs going off every day. The war has been a mistake and you cant deny that and now we're caught in the middle of a civil war there.

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