Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pot, meet kettle

Bill Clinton gave one of his barnburner of a speeches yesterday, in which he noted that the GOP's radical right has taken over that party, and instituted policies that have isolated the U.S. around the world, and abandoned millions of the poorest and most vulnerable at home.

And the response from a Republican spokesman?: "It's not surprising to hear these attacks from a man widely recognized for repeatedly playing the blame game to cover his own mistakes."

A Republican is saying this? A spokesman for the party that blames Bill Clinton, six years after he has been out of office, no less, for 9-11, and, more recently, for North Korea's nuclear testing. The party that flogs conspiracy theories blaming Mark Foley's Page-gate on shadowy Democratic operatives who "sat" on the information until close to the elections? Who blame the recent FBI raids on Pennsylvania GOP Congressman Curt Weldon's offices on George Soros, the scary liberal activist (and, oh yes, Clinton is somehow fingered on this one too).

Well, ok, sure, the FBI is run by the Justice Deptartment, which is run by Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. But, somehow, the omnipotent Clinton can still pull the levers of power. Is there no end to his evil powers?

And this is the party now whining that somehow Clinton plays the blame game? The pyschological disorder here is almost textbook.

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