Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plugged in but disconnected

It's funny, but even with three 24-hour national cable news channels, one 24-hour NYC all-news cable TV station, and two all-news radio stations in town, and, of course, the Internet, you still sometimes find out what's happening outside your door just by a phone call from a friend.

I was doing some writing so wasn't really connected to the world, but heard what sounded like a LOT of fire engines going by. But it's NY, there are always fire engines. Then I got a text from a friend asking if I was ok, was it near my building?


So of course, I turn on NY1 and there was the news of the small aircraft that has plunged into a building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Then I look out my bedroom window (I'm in a corner unit, so I have southern and western views in there), and I see the damn building, about a mile away, with flames shooting out of it, and 6 helicopters hovering above it.


When news of this (what looks like an) accident filtered out to the world, I got about four more calls and texts asking if I was ok, was it near me? So, yes, I am. Fortunately, it's not THAT close to my building.

And to those who didn't call or text to see if I was ok - thanks for nothing you bastards!


Anonymous said...

Heh as soon as I heard the address I knew it wasn't your building you baby! :)

Anonymous said...

lol you're too much! I was at work on 3rd & 59th so a hell of a LOT closer to York & 72nd than you were! Why didn't you check to make sure I was ok you bastard :)

Not a hipster said...

You know, as soon as I heard about it, I wondered if it was near you. Glad to know it wasn't your building.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the TV coverage? I don't know what the local NY stuff was like but the cable networks were being ridiculous with all sort of assumptions that it was terrorism. I'm amazed Bush didn't speak and try to grab some glory!

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