Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh sure, blame the poor innocent booze

I'm getting tired of these lunatics who do something crazy and obnoxious, then – when they're caught – immediately check into an alcohol rehabilitation clinic. They're saying, see, it's the booze. It's a sickness. You can't be mad at someone with a disease.

I call bullshit.

Recently, of course, we saw Mel Gibson caught in an anti-semitic rant after being pulled over in Malibu for drunken driving. It gets picked up by the press. Everyone's shocked (although, given his history, they shouldn't have been). A weekend or so later, boom, his lawyer lets it be known Gibson has checked into a clinic for treatment of alcoholism.

I guess there isn't a clinic for treatment of hating Jews.

And now we have former representative Mark Foley (R-FL). He's busted for writing all sorts of creepy emails and instant messages to underage congressional pages. He resigns on Friday.

And today, boom, Foley “has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment and accepts responsibility for his actions, his attorney acknowledged Monday.”

You know, I've had a cocktail or two in my day and never once have I felt the urge to start hating Jews or coming on to underage teenagers. (Legal teenagers, now that's a different story – hey, you've been a great audience).

But, seriously: in vino veritas. Even if the booze somehow “caused” these freaks to do these actions, obviously it just loosened up impulses that were already there, the anti-semitism and the perviness. It didn't actually cause the underlying sleaze.

These fucktards should not be allowed to blame Jack Daniels for their own personal demons.


Anonymous said...

Right on! (hic)

Anonymous said...

Its strange how they never go in for alcohol rehab until they get caught doing something bad! lol

Anonymous said...

lol I don't know if he really had a drinking problem before, but that Congressman sure will sure have one now with all the shit that's about to fall down on him!

Anonymous said...

I heard he went into rehab in a Scientology place! Can you imagine if Tom Cruise gets involved? hah

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