Sunday, October 29, 2006

The most boring place on Earth?

No, not Kansas, although that may be a close second.

I'm talking about Pier 1.

What the hell is it about that store that makes girls love to go in and "browse" there? And why do they feel compelled to drag me along?

My bud Velma forced me to spend a month at the Pier 1 on Third Ave. this afternoon. How many wicker chairs and candles and kicky little place settings can you look at?

Not to mention, a Best Buy electonics store was just an avenue away. I could have been happily browsing there looking at the latest hi-def TV sets instead of wine goblets.

Fortunately, I had two mimosas and a bloody at brunch, so I was somewhat medicated. I can't even imagine being in that damn place stone cold sober.


Anonymous said...

Aww dont be so grumpy. You can always find something cute at Pier 1 for your house. That's why we like it, at least I do.

Anonymous said...

Haha and do you think WE like to look at TV sets? We think thats just as boring! The trick is to find someplace in the middle that you both like.

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