Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm a people person!

As much as my fellow New Yorkers drive me batshit crazy sometimes, there are days like this one, when you're just glad to be in the middle of this big, bad, noisy, wacky city and its teeming humanity.

The weather was gorgeous (see pic from the Q). A nice, sunny, crisp Autumn day, perfect for walking and, in fact, I walked home to the fashionable Upper East Side from the 8th Avenue Street Fair (purchases: 2 leather belts for $10, four pairs of crew socks for $5, a Thai spring roll for one buck, yum, and a strawberry-mango smoothie for $5 - ripoff!)

The walk home had to be a bit more than 5 miles (going by the standard "20 city blocks=1 mile" calculation, then factoring in the 8th Ave over to the East Side part of the journey.)

I feel so alive.

Of course, I then promptly mitigated that by stopping in at a divey bar on 3rd Ave, that was calling me with a siren song touting All-U-Can-Drink beer for 10 bucks. Oy.

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Anonymous said...

Theres a street fair on 6th Avenue on Sunday too! :)

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