Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beautiful smells #27

Can too many things smell better than a fresh pot of coffee brewing?

I proclaim no.

And I know I'm not saying anything too startling with that observation, but I was just struck there by how good coffee smells when I opened a fresh package of Gevalia beans to make a few cups.

Now, I'm usually a Dunkin' Donuts guy, by the way - I'll get a pound of it for the home brew for $6.99, and I enjoy it much better than the overpriced Starbucks blends.

But every few years I order from Gevalia to get one of the new coffeemakers they give away for free when you join (you can only do it every two years, they apparently keep track), and then, of course, after the first shipment of coffee arrives, cancel the membership, as they are quite a bit more expensive than DD.

So I got a new stainless steel maker to go with my renovated kitchen, and ordered the Antigua and Cafe Moulu blends.

Thank you Gevalia. I'll be talking to you again sometime around 2008.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE Dunking Donuts coffee too!

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