Monday, October 09, 2006

And there weren't even any mob hits!

My cute little former employee “Jan Brady” got married yesterday, and, of course, all the K girls (her sisters, Special K and Little K) were there. Oy, such a cornucopia of wackiness. Although I met their mom at one point and she seemed, well, sort of normal. I was actually disappointed, in fact, at how normal she was.

Could all of the K's have been dropped on their heads when they were babies?

That's so clumsy of her.

By the way, Jan, one of your bridesmaids was adorable. Call me.

The wedding was in Jersey, natch. Strangely, the bridesmaids were not wearing spandex, and their hair actually seemed quite tame. But it was only about 20 miles outside the city, so I think NY rules still applied. I even, evily, asked the band to play a Bon Jovi song, but the guy said they didn't really know it.

And, another adorable bridesmaid, Corky, was there, and I met her parents too. And, again, so normal. I hate to break it to Corky here on the Internet, but I think she was adopted as a child. Granted, I had a few Jack & Cokes in me, but I believe her dad told me they picked her up at a carnival. It was her or a stuffed Elmo. They went with Corky.

And she's very funny about how tall she is. She is tall for a girl. Which, of course, is actually good. But she seems to be embarrassed about it, and couldn't wait to get out of her heels and into flip-flops. Always a nice look with a wedding dress.

Anyway, fun time, good food, open bar, K's and Corky. How can you go wrong.

So mazel tov to the beautiful bride and her new hubby.


Anonymous said...

Jan gave me the flip flops out of love. And I did LOVE them. Being in heels for 5 hours is not my idea of an enjoyable evening, obviously.
And I must add, you looked dapper youself there!

Anonymous said...

Did you have to do the chicken dance? :)

Anonymous said...

haha I was going to say but Corky herself beat me to it, I was betting it was the pain of the heels, not her tallness that made her want to change. You guys are so not aware of how sore you get in them, especially if you're going to be on your feet for hours at a time.

Anonymous said...

(but he is right, and the being super tall thing did lend to the obsession with flats)

Anonymous said...

I don't thhnk it's even possible to do the chicken dance in heels! lol

J said...

No chicken dance, Memphis, and yes, just from hearing girls bitch about them all the time, I actually am aware of the pain of heels. Why you all wear them, I don't know. Although they do look hot, so I guess it really is better to look good than to feel good. And Corky looked great as a bridesmaid, even though she later denied crying during the ceremony.

Not a hipster said...

I did the chicken dance on roller skates for my niece's birthday party this year. I didn't fall, but I came close a few times.

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