Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thousands of tube socks and Italian sausages as far as the eye can see....

...and that's just the people! Hey, you've been a great audience, don't forget to tip your waitress.

Actually, of course, I'm talking about New York street fairs. I was at a Third Ave. fair today, which ran from 86th down to 66th Streets. A mile of booths lining both sides of the avenue and selling everything from the aforementioned socks and sausages, to copies of Life magazine from 1927, reggae mix CDs, giant plants, Turkish rugs, Tibetan antiques, French crepes, Asian massages, knock-off perfumes, corn dogs, local bands and $3 tee-shirts.

So cheesy and so fun. Not to mention, all those amazing looking Upper East Side girls prancing around in denim shorts (mmm, love that look) and tank tops.

I went with my recently married friend (his wife only called twice) and then, after a few hours of purusing, we headed over to Mo's Caribbean on Second Ave. to catch some of the ball games and down a few brews. The street fairs actually used to sell beer themselves, but Rudy Giuliani put a stop to that when he was mayor, the fucker. I don't care how good he was on 9-11, for that alone he will never get another vote from me.

This was one of those days when I really appreciate New York. The weather was perfect, and it's so great to be able to do something cheesy, like a street fair, then derelicty, like being in one of those crazy bars (on Sundays especially) when all the sports fanatics gather to pound beers and gobble pub grub, and then still just easily walk home after multiple cocktails - and not have to worry about driving at any time.

But, alas, winter is approaching, and I will no doubt go through my annual “Maybe L.A. wouldn't be so bad” routine. I seriously hate the cold.

The pleasure and convenience of being able to walk everywhere rapidly loses its joy in February, when it's 18 degrees outside and you're jumping over a slush puddle at the corner. I really have to find someone to keep me here this winter or I'm seriously thinking of heading West (or to the Keys). And, yes, yes, I know I say that every damn year (at least the L.A. part), but this time I mean it. Honestly.

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